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A Christmas Offer from Fuss Free Phones

A mobile phone and a whole year of calls, texts and telephonist support is the perfect Christmas gift for just £199. The offer includes an easy to use clamshell phone, with big buttons and a large display, and a whole year of service for just one payment of £199. That's a saving of £80 off the recommended retail price.

A telephonist to help you

With Fuss Free Phones you press the button on the back of the mobile to be connected to friendly UK based telephonist who will put your call through to friends and family, type out text messages (and read the replies), and look up information and services on the internet.

The telephonists also block nuisance calls. Only your trusted contacts can call you direct, with anyone else handled by the telephonists.

A perfect mobile phone for blind people

Lots of time to talk and text

Each month you’ll get 600 minutes of call time, unlimited texts and round the clock access to the telephonists. Just press the big button on the back of the phone to be connected to a telephonist who will help you make calls and send texts. 

Just in time for Christmas

Fuss Free Phones is the perfect Christmas gift for someone who needs help making phone calls. To make it even better if you take delivery before December 21st your year's subscription won't start until Christmas Day. So you won't be paying for the time your gift spends under the Christmas tree.

The TT750 - easy to use and great value for money

A perfect mobile phone for blind people

The TT750 is a mobile phone anyone can use with big buttons and a clear display. It comes with a desktop charger, which means it’s always fully charged when you need it - essential for providing peace of mind. The TT750 usually sells for £59 and the service costs £20 a month so this special Christmas offer saves £80 from the RRP.

For more details you can call us free at any time on 0800 845 6600, or click the button below to purchase.

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