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A Special Offer to Yours Magazine Readers

Fuss Free Phones is making a special offer to readers of Yours Magazine. A stylish new mobile phone with our telephonist service half price for the first 3 months.

If you know someone who needs a mobile phone but struggles to make calls and send texts, our telephonist service is ideal. Pushing the big button on the mobile connects you to a real person who will put you through to friends and family, the doctor or anyone you like.

The TT750 is a very popular mobile. It's small and light, and its clamshell design means the screen and keypad are large and easy to see. When it's folded it tucks away discretely in a pocket or handbag.

A Special Price of £49.99 to Yours Readers

The TTFone TT750 usually sells for £59.99 and the Fuss Free Phones' service costs £20 a month. As a special offer we will send you the phone for £39.99 and provide our service for just £10 for the first 3 months. Your first payment is £49.99 and covers the mobile phone and the first month's service. For the next 2 months you'll pay £10 a month and thereafter £20 a month. Your total saving is £50.

Your new easy to use mobile phone has a bright screen, loud ringer and clear sound, and easy to use, well-spaced buttons. It comes with a desktop charger, and of course it has a Fuss Free Phones button on the back.

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A fantastic value package:
  • A telephonist to help you make calls
  • No nuisance calls ever again
  • 600 minutes of monthly call time
  • Unlimited text messages
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • No contract - you can cancel with 30 day's notice

How the Fuss Free Phones' service works

We’ll send you the phone set up and ready to go. In the box you’ll find a blank Trusted Callers List. It’s clear and easy to fill in with the names and numbers of the people you want to call. Once it's completed pop it in the supplied Freepost envelope. If you want more contacts you can speak to a telephonist and ask to have names and numbers added, or send them to us at the Freepost address.

Your questions answered

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How do you block nuisance calls?

Can I use my existing phone?

Can I keep my existing mobile number?

Which network are you on?

How do you handle emergencies?

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The TT750 has a useful second 
display so you can see the time and 
who's calling without opening it