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Frequently Asked Questions

Phone Features

How do I add the phone numbers that can be called

There is a form in the phone’s box that you can complete with your own details, for example how you like to be addressed when we answer the phone. You also add the names and phone numbers of the people you want to call. You send that to us and we load the numbers into our database. We call it the Trusted Callers list.

Can you stop me getting nuisance calls

Yes, our call centre can receive calls made to your Fuss Free Phones number. Those numbers that are on your list can be put straight through to you without us answering. Those that are not we can either ignore or answer and determine whether to put them through to you or not. We base this on what calls you’ve told us you want to receive.

Can it connect to the Internet

No the Doro phone is not a smartphone (which is why it costs under £100) so you can’t connect to the Internet. We will launch smartphone versions later

Does it have a loud ringer

Yes, it’s about as loud as a food mixer. Yes, and you can choose from a range of ringer tones.

Do you provide voicemail

We’ve found that most of our customers don’t want to use voice mail so we’ve switched it off.

Can I use the service with my existing phone

Yes, but I can’t do that here, please let me have a number and I’ll get someone to call you back. You can still have the Yours magazine package of half price service for six months. (send details to Fuss Free Phones)

Can the phone receive calls

Yes the telephonist button is an added feature of the phone. Otherwise it’s a normal mobile phone and you can make and receive calls.

What other features does the phone have

It has a phonebook, speakerphone, allows text messaging, and is an alarm clock, calendar, calculator and FM radio. You can also change the general settings on the phone with different languages and sounds. It also has Bluetooth so you can use a wireless earpiece with it.

Can I add overseas numbers to my trusted callers list


What about text replies

When you receive a reply to a text you can opt for us to call you and read it to you, or the reply can go direct to your phone.

How long does the battery last

It depends on how much you use it, typically about a week. One charge will last up to ten hours of talk time or nearly two weeks on standby, but it comes with a docking station so it’s easy to keep charged.

Can I transfer my existing mobile number

Yes, please let me have the number you want to use and we’ll move it over for you. (use the standard General enquiry system to send it Fuss Free Phones, along with the name of the customer who wants this done)

Does it work with hearing aids

Yes, it’s designed to work with hearing aids and the speaker is also loud and clear.

Can I text

Yes you can text someone directly from the keypad or you can push the button and ask the telephonist to text for you. Just dictate the text.

Can I dial numbers using the keypad on the phone

Yes, the phone is a regular mobile phone and you can dial numbers using the keypad and memory locations. The Fuss Free Phones’ number is normally programmed into the big button on the back of your phone or a speed dial key for easy access.

What’s in the box

In the box with the phone you’ll find a FreePost envelope and a Trusted Callers list to Fill in. Write down the names and numbers of the people you want to speak to, pop it into the envelope and send it back. As soon as we receive it – it can take a couple of days – we’ll enter the details into our system and call you to let you know that we’ve done it.

What you get

ou will be sent a Doro 632 phone, set up with the SIM card in place and the number for the Fuss Free Phones service programmed into the back. It’s all ready to go and you can make calls straight away.

What accessories does it come with

You get a desktop charger (the docking station) so the phone can be left on all the time and you know the battery is fully charged.

When I use the telephonist does the person I’m calling see my number

Yes, they see the number of your mobile phone not the number of our call centre, so they know it’s you calling them

International Calls and Usage

Does the Fuss Free Phones’ service cover the whole of the UK

Yes, the O2 network backs us so we’re using the latest network features and coverage is the same as the O2 network.

How are payments made if there is no contract

We take a credit card number and that card will be charged every month. You can cancel at any time.

Can I call abroad from the UK

Yes, but the call will always go through our telephonists first even if you dial the number direct. It’s to protect you from high cost calls

What it costs

You will be charged £49.98 today, that’s £39.99 for the phone and £9.99 for the first month’s service. You will then be charged £9.99 every month for the next five months and then it will go to the full price of £20 when the Yours magazine special offer price runs out. You can cancel at any time, you are not committed and if you want to send the phone back in the first 30 days we’ll give a full refund.


Where is the call centre

This is the call centre which handles all the calls for Fuss Free Phones. We are in Southend, just outside London. All the telephonists have a clear speaking voice so that we are easy to hear.

How much does the No Nusiance calls service cost

It’s Free, “Free” is our middle name.

Can I use the phone abroad

No, not at the moment. However, roaming charges are coming down and we will keep this under review. If you do go abroad it is often cheaper to buy a local SIM card and use that for the duration of your stay. The phone is not locked to Fuss Free Phones.

Can I change to another network if O2 doesn’t cover my area

No, unfortunately we can’t change to another network.

What about dialling premium numbers

If you dial a premium rate number the call will go to our telephonists who will check that you meant to dial a more expensive call and then put you through. They will tell you how much it costs. It will not come out of your inclusive minutes, we’ll call you and bill you separately.

Care of the phone

Is it expensive to charge the battery

No, it costs around 50p a year

What services do the telephonists provide

You call our telephonists and can ask:
• To be put through to a friend or relative by name.
• To dial another number.
• To dictate a text message and send that.
• For the telephonist to find a phone number for you and call it.
• To add more numbers to your Trusted Callers List.
To find some information on the Internet for you

What happens if I use up all my minutes

We don’t want customers worrying about top-ups so we chose 600 minutes as a number that was three times what most customers use. If we see that you are getting close to the 600 minutes we’ll spot it on our system and call you to discuss having an allocation of more minutes. We will never cut you off for using too many minutes with having agreed this with you first.

Do I have to go through the telephonist each time

No, you can dial a number on the phone’s keypad if you want. Or you can send a text yourself. Think of us as an additional service.

Is the list secure

Yes, we hold your contact list on our secure website, which is only accessible by our telephonists, and they can only see one number at a time. Our systems were designed by people who also work for the Police, Military and secret services.

What is the Trusted Callers List

This is the list of contacts you want us to store so that you can ask for them by name when you call the telephonists.

What do you do if the telephonist is unsure about possible nuisance caller

When you fill in the Trusted Callers List we ask for Emergency contacts, we’ll take a message from the caller we can’t be sure about, and then call the trusted emergency contact to pass on the message.

When you fill in the Trusted Callers List we ask for Emergency contacts, we’ll take a message from the caller we can’t be sure about, and then call the trusted emergency contact to pass on the message.

Fuss Free Phones is a fixed price every month. So rather than a direct debit we offer payment through debit and credit cards

how do I add more numbers

You can always add more numbers and names by pressing the button on the back of your phone and talking to one of our telephonists.

Can I update my numbers using the Internet

No, not at the moment but we may add this feature later. If you have a lot of numbers call us and we can arrange to upload a spread sheet.

What happens if I lose or break it

The Doro phone is designed to be strong but if the phone breaks we will send you a replacement for the same cost as the original phone. You will need to ask someone to change the phone (SIM) card to the new phone. The telephonist will know you’ve changed your phone over. We can send you a replacement for the same cost as the original phone and we will install the SIM card. You can keep the same number.

What is the warranty

Phone us on the Freephone number which is on the Fuss Free Phones website and we’ll take you through a basic test of the phone to make sure it’s genuinely faulty. If it is you send it back to us and we will send you a replacement free of charge if you’ve had the phone for less than 2 years. If it’s over 2 years we’ll do our best to keep any replacement costs to an absolute minimum.