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Fuss Free Phones


Our Crystal Clear Prices

The costs of using any phone can be complicated and daunting. Just as Fuss Free Phones exists to take the complication out of using a mobile phone we pledge to make sure you understand exactly how much it will cost, before you are in any danger of overspending.

One Bill All Year

The phone and service cost £200 for the first year and comes with 26 hours (1,560 minutes) of calls over the year. That’s the equivalent of half an hour a week, but you can use them any time. You won’t lose minutes if you don’t use them within a week or month and you won’t get charged more if you use nothing one week and an hour the next. From our experience the 26 hours in a year is plenty for most people. Time spent talking to the telephonists comes out of your allocated minutes.
The idea is that you buy the phone for £200 and then there are no further costs to pay for a whole year, no monthly bills, no topping up or dealing with call centres. It’s the simplest system we could come up with. At the end of the year we charge £20 a month to your credit card for 130 minutes of operator dialled or direct dialled calls included.

Advanced Warning Of Extra Costs

If you do start running out of minutes we’ll call you and warn you. You will then have to top up, but we’ll make it as easy as possible. We’ll look at how many minutes you’ve been using and work out what a sensible number is to take you to the end of the year. Extra minutes cost 25p.

Calling Abroad

Some calls, such as calls to overseas and to premium rate numbers are more expensive than standard and this can be confusing. All calls which do not come out of your included minutes go through a telephonist and we’ll let you know what it will cost before putting you through. We have special agreements on overseas call costs and it can often be a lot cheaper using Fuss Free Phones calls through a telephonist than dialling directly on a home phone or traditional mobile. Fuss Free Phones works hard to make sure that our charges are as easy to understand as our phones are easy to use.

Using Text

Text messages sent through our telephonists don’t cost extra but time spent talking to the telephonists comes out of your allocated minutes. When you receive a text message and the telephonist calls you that too comes out of your allocated minutes. Text messages sent directly from the phone cost two minutes from your allocation. There is no charge for receiving text messages to the phone.

Flexible Bill Paying

Premium rate calls, and services such as taxis and flowers are charged directly to a credit card. If you wish to buy a Fuss Free Phone for a friend or relative you can choose to have your card used for the first year’s £200 and then the monthly £20 but use a second card, typically the user’s own car for premium rate and overseas calls, and services like taxis and flowers. Alternatively you can have one card for all telephone calls or texts and a second for additional services