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Fuss Free Phones

Beta Test

The Fuss Free Phones service will be launching in later this year but we are looking for a small number of people to trial the system. If you join the beta test you’ll get to use the Fuss Free Phones system and help us learn how to make the service suit your needs. The beta test is currently running.

Join Now

To join the Fuss Free Phones Service beta test and is free, including calls. You cannot make premium or international calls, and the phone will not roam. All we ask is that you make three calls a day through our call centre to help us test it.

We’ll send you a Doro 614  or Doro 505 configured and ready to go. The phone comes with a form to fill in which tells us the names and numbers of the people you’d like in your favourites listing..

If you would like to sign up to become a tester, call us now on 0800 845 6600 or click here to send us an email.