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What Fuss Free Phones Can Do For You

The Fuss Free Phones service and the easy-to-use mobile phone are designed with you in mind. It takes all the technology and simplifies it, so that you can be easily connected to your loved ones, the services you use or get help fast in an emergency.

How does it work? One of the things that makes Fuss Free Phones so different is our team of UK based telephonists that mean you don’t need to learn how to use all the functions of your phone. When you sign up we ask you for the names and numbers of the people and places you want to call. Then, simply press the Fuss Free button on the back of the phone and you’ll be connected to our telephonist who will put you through. It typically takes under 20 seconds to connect your call.

They can also send and read out text messages for you.

Just tell our telephonist who you want to text and what you want to say and we will type it out for you. A friend at the end of the phone.

We can also help you in lots of other ways. Like booking a taxi or ordering flowers. If you call with an emergency we’ll call your designated friends and relatives or the emergency services and will stay on the phone until help arrives.