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what does it cost?

Like our phones, our prepay service is simple and puts you in control.

  • A one-off payment of £79 buys your phone.
  • Then it’s just £20 a month or £220 for the year.
  • The service includes around the clock access to our telephonists and 600 minutes a month.
  • The No-nuisance calls service is free
  • If you start running out of minutes we’ll call and warn you.
  • If you do need more minutes you can top up at 25p per minute. We will help you work out exactly what you need. No extras.
  • You can send unlimited texts either through the operator or from your Doro phone.
  • Calling abroad is usually at a premium rate, but our operators will let you know how much you are spending before the call goes through. We will call you back after your call and charge you for it separately.