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The Phone Designed For You

We have been working with easy to use phones for over ten years and have tested and reviewed dozens of handsets. Different phones are good at different things but for our new service we have chosen the Doro 614 as the best all round handset.

Great Screen

The Doro 614 has a great screen, excellent contrast and large buttons make the phone easier to use.

You can change the background to put your favourite picture on the screen and if you email or post a photograph to us, we’ll put it on the screen before we send the phone to you.

Clamshell design

One of the main reasons we have chosen the Doro 614 is the clamshell design – it hinges open and closed. It’s easy to open and you can be sure that when you shut the phone at the end of your conversation then you’ve definitely hung up. The phone has been developed so that the weight is balanced which means that it’s easier to hold and prevents it falling from your hand. The Doro 614 has a particularly loud and clear speaker and speakerphone. It works very well with hearing aids and has Bluetooth.

Charging cradle included

The Doro 614 comes with a charging cradle which makes it easy to charge the phone without worrying about fiddly cables.

Superb keypad

What makes the Doro 614 really special is the keypad – white text on a black background is easier to read and we have spaced the keys to make them easier to press. We’ve also ensure that you can feel that the keys are pressed and they also feel different from other parts of the phone. And to make life even easier, there are four quick dial keys for the people you speak to most often.