Spam and scam nuisance calls are an increasingly annoying part of modern life. Fuss Free Phones offers a unique combination of technology and service which stops nuisance calls reaching your Fuss Free Phones mobile.

When you sign up to Fuss Free Phones you provide us with a Trusted Callers List. This gives us the numbers of the people you want to speak to when you use the telephonist service.

For our No Nuisance calls service we use the list to ensure only the people who you want to speak to can call you. When anyone whose number is on your Trusted Callers list dials the number for your Fuss Free Phones mobile the call goes straight through.

When someone whose number is not on the list calls we divert the call to one of our friendly telephonists who will speak to the caller to find out why they are calling you.

If we determine that it’s someone who knows you and who you’ll want to speak to we’ll put them through to your Fuss Free Phone.

If we the caller is silent, an automatic dialler, a cold sales call or a scammer we’ll hang up on your behalf.

For those calls where we cannot determine if it’s a genuine caller, we will take a message  and call you or someone from your trusted caller list to ask you to phone back.

If you want all of your callers – including those on your Trusted Callers list – to go through the call centre we can set that up and if you want all calls to go through to your handset, with none being taken by the telephonists we can do that too. Just ask.

Our junk free calls service is just like the rest of Fuss Free Calls: simple to use with no need for you to understand complicated technology or program anything.

This unique service is only available through Fuss Free Phones. It is not currently available for land lines.

Everyone gets annoyed at spam and scam callers