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Life in the slow lane27 May 2017

Richard Attwood was recently the subject of a n article on sports fitness


Taking a break from the hectic Fuss Free Phones office I went for a coffee and a sandwich at a local café. It was a great change of pace, surrounded by books and being asked to find a seat while the food was prepared.

And that got me thinking about a conversation I’d had the previous day. I’d been at a driving event and my tutor was ex Formula 1 driver and Le Mans winner, Richard Attwood, now in his 70s, Attwood is still one of the fastest men on four wheels, regularly out-racing young bucks who are a quarter of his age.Nokia 6310i

I was amused when he pulled a Nokia 6310 from his pocket, a phone which is only a tad younger than current F1 driver Max Verstappen. It’s a classic phone and I was excited because I’m a phone geek.

Attwood uses it precisely because he’s not. Indeed he said he’d bought a couple of spares should his Nokia go wrong. It was his attitude to being in a hurry that linked to my relaxed sarnie. Here was a man who was practiced at shaving tenths of a second off a lap of Silverstone but wasn’t too concerned if he didn’t read an email for a day or two. He told me that if he was instructing for Porsche he’d leave his phone in the office for the day and check his messages when he got back. Compare this with recent research which says that most people look at their phone 300 times a day.

What I took away from my twenty minutes with Richard Attwood was the importance in making some time, and that’s something which is very much behind the Fuss Free Phones philosophy: in an age where everyone seems to be a little bit rushed we like to give you a little bit more time.

It’s why we don’t have any computer systems which ask you to press 1 for this or 5 for that. When you press the single button on the back of an easy to use phone to speak to one of our Fuss Free Phones telephonists you speak to someone who will have time for you. Someone who is based in the UK and will help put you at ease.

But the thing about Richard Attwood’s view about modern technology is that it is what marketing types would call “on trend”, there is a growing interest in making life more simple. The re-boot of the Nokia 3310 has seen an amazing amount of interest in a phone which only does talking and text. It’s good to know that over 50 years after he first lined up on the F1 grid, Attwood is still in pole position.


Simon Rockman