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Fuss Free Phones riiiiing for three minutes

At Fuss Free Phones we are very proud of the way we make easy to use mobile phones easier. We even make things like Doro mobile phones with their big buttons and easy to see screens even easier to use. But we are always looking for ways to make the big button mobile phones not […]

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Rosemary Smith, 79, drives a Renault Formula One Car

At Fuss Free Phones we are all about making the most of your life. We think of the phrase “years full of life, not life full of years”, and while we do it with easy to use, big button mobile phones, Rosemary Smith has a much more dramatic way of filling her life. At 79 […]

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Happy 80th birthday to 999 services

    Fuss Free Phones makes using a mobile easy, and we ask you for your emergency contacts so that we can help connect you to the right person if you need us to, but we were not the first to launch a 999 service. That was BT, 80 years ago today. The world’s oldest […]

Accessible User Interfaces, big button mobile, doro, elderly phone, elderly phones,
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Life in the slow lane

  Taking a break from the hectic Fuss Free Phones office I went for a coffee and a sandwich at a local café. It was a great change of pace, surrounded by books and being asked to find a seat while the food was prepared. And that got me thinking about a conversation I’d had […]

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Death of the smartphone

  They say you should live in the present. But mobile phone people don’t do that. Particularly not Fuss Free Phones people. We love living in the past, the traditional values of service and having a friendly voice at the end of the phone to help you make calls, send texts and look up things […]

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It’s technology which is confusing, not new technology.

Just as the old struggle with new technology, the your struggle with old technology. the issue is technology not age.

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Nuisance Calls

By having a live telephonist around the clock, Fuss Free Phones can reliably block nuisance calls in a fuss free way

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Nuisance calls are the most irritating thing about everyday life.

In a survey of over 2,000 people, 77 per cent said nuisance calls about injury claims or PPI compensation was the most annoying feature of life in twenty-first century Britain, Tandem Bank said. In the list of the top 25 things Brits find annoying about everyday life, Fuss Free Phones helps with not just the […]

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