Magnetic USB cable with adaptor

Plugging the Fuss Free Magnetic cable in is easyA magnetic charging cable makes it very easy to connect the charging lead for pretty much any mobile phone. It’s a neat solution and available now at £14.99.

At Fuss Free Phones we are big fans of Doro’s easy to use mobile phones, we’ve been selling them for a long time and like the big buttons and clear screens.

Most of the phones we or our partners have sold have come with docking stations. Fitting a micro USB connector into a phone is a pain. It’s fiddly and it’s hard to see if the wire is the right way round.

Unfortunately some of the newer Doro phones, the Doro 6030 and the Doro 6520 don’t have a docking station. Doro argues that people don’t want them, and substantiate this argument with the low sales of the docking stations when sold separately.  In a price competitive world, Doro would rather have a lower price for all customers and leave those who want a dock to buy it separately.

Doro makes it a bit easier to plug the lead into the phone by having a pointed bit on the top of the connector but you still have to be really rather accurate when you plug it in.

We looked at selling the dock separately but there is a wide range of models which take different docks and some Doro phones don’t have a dock at all.

What we found was something which is as easy to use as a dock but works with all Doro handsets and most other mobile phones.

It’s a magnetic cable with a special attachment for the phone. A tiny stub connects to the phone and stays in place. It does have all the issues of being fiddly but you only have to do that once.
The magnetic connector is small and neat
The cable then uses magnets to attach itself. It’s slick and very easy to use. It also doesn’t matter which way round it connects.

With a special bulk buy we’ve put the cables on sale at £14.99.  The end which does not plug into the phone will plug into a standard USB charger or computer. Most Doro phones come with a suitable charger.

Making Charging better

The Fuss Free Plug
Not all Doro phones, some have captive leads, and the Doro chargers captive or not only charge at one Amp. We wanted to charge phones faster so to go with the lead we got some 2.4A chargers, more than twice the power and with two sockets you can charge two phones at once. It’s well made and conforms to European standards on power and recycling. Usually for a twin socket plug both sockets support the full 2.4A power output, most run the second socket at lower power. It has multiple circuit protection and temperature sensors.

You can buy the excellent, two socket plug from Fuss Free Phones for £9.99.

Special Offer – Save £5

Plug, cable and doro 6030


The Fuss Free Plug and Fuss Free Cable work magnificently together. They give easy fast charging for the vast majority of mobile phones: anything that uses the standard micro USB socket, and as a special offer you can buy the two together for just £19.99, saving £5 on the individual price. Postage and packing is included.