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Feeling blue about Yellow Pages5 Sep 2017

The Yellow pages are no more

The media is full of sweet stories about how the Yellow Pages is no more. How it’s become as thin as a political promise and everyone uses these days.

It’s seen as a tool of a bygone age. The thing is, we at Fuss Free Phones  like the bygone age.

Our mobile phone service harks back to the time of telephonists and “putting you through caller”. We like it because we understand there is more to making mobile phones that anyone can use than big buttons and a loud, loudspeaker.

Two dogs looking at a computer

This cartoon first appeared in the New York Times in 1993

There is a view that we live in a much more inclusive world, one where no one is discriminated against on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race,  belief or creed. And the great leveler is the Internet. This is typified by the famous Peter Stiener cartoon “on the Internet no-one knows you are a dog”.

But what about those people who struggle to use the Internet? Those for whom Yell is what they do when they are asked to Google something. Those that think that Google is something to do with cricket.

They are the disenfranchised. They are not thinking fondly of the demise of the Yellow pages, of J R Hartley, French Polishers and walking fingers.

They are wondering how they will find a locksmith, emergency plumber or window cleaner when there is no yellow directory to leaf through.

That’s where a service which likes the bygone age comes in. Fuss Free Phones has telephonist who will look up things for you. All your finger has to walk to is the Fuss Free Phones button on the back of your easy to use mobile phone and a friendly telephonist will look up the tradesman you require and put you through to them, all within the cost of your usual package.

Fuss Free Phones can’t completely replace the Yellow Pages, we can’t hold open a door or press drying flowers but we can look things up for you.

Simon Rockman