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Using Bluetooth on a Doro 652030 Aug 2017


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When we supply one of our big button mobile phones we send it out ready to go. There are a few things we can’t pre-configure and one of those is Bluetooth since it needs the headset or car you want to connect to at hand. If you need help please press the button on the back of your phone and we’ll talk you through. Alternatively here is a step by step guide to using Bluetooth on a Doro 6520, one of our most popular phones for older people.

Bluetooth uses a system where once you have “paired” the Doro phone with whatever you are connecting to the two ends will recognise each other and they should automatically reconnect. In theory you should have to do this paring system only once. In practice Bluetooth devices sometimes forget each other and you need to re-pair.

The pairing process is like asking someone for a dance, one person has to look for the other and the other has to accept. With simple devices like a headset it’s usually the phone which does the looking and the headset which does the acceptance. With something like a Bluetooth hands-free kit in a car it can be done from either end. In this example we’ll look at connecting a Doro 6520 to a headset.

The two top keys are called soft keys.

To get the Bluetooth working you’ll need to find the settings menu. Press the key in the top left and corner of the phone which corresponds to the word “menu” on the screen.Choose the settings option using the centre key

Press the down key in-between the red and green buttons until the word “Settings” appears in the box, then select this with the square button. This takes you to the Settings menu, where the word “General” will be highlighted. Press the down key again until the word “Connectivity” is highlighted and select it with the square button. In the next menu you’ll see the word Bluetooth is already highlighted so press the square button to choose it.

The next menu has the word “Activation” highlighted.  Select it and you will see the two words “On” and “Off”.To switch on Bluetooth use the Activation option Press the middle button again and a circle will appear which shows that Bluetooth is on. You aren’t connected yet, all you’ve done is switch on the Bluetooth circuit in the phone. It’s left switched off when the phone leaves the factory because it uses a little bit of power – even if you are not using Bluetooth – and Doro wants the phones to have the best possible battery life.

Switch on the headset. Different headsets need to do different things to say that they are available. In general you hold Cheap Bluetooth headset for Doro 6520down a power button until a light starts flashing.

Now, back at the Doro 6520 phone press the top right button which corresponds to “Back”. You’ll see the word “Activation” highlighted again. It’s now time for the phone to ask the headset if it want to dance. Back to the activation menu to find the search option on the Doro 6520Press the down button until  you’ve highlighted “Search Dev..” or “Search Device” and press the centre button. This starts the phone looking for the available device. Give it time, it’s looking for a suitor.  You might see several names pop up, particularly if you have friends and neighbours  nearby with cars, phones and headsets. Work out which one

Searching for the right bluetooth device

corresponds to the headset you are using. Then select it.  Pairing with some devices can be more complicated but with something simple like a headset, select the right name and the phone will pair.  While the two ends are negotiating their relationship the screen will say that it is Connecting. The Doro 6520 shows an hourglasss while it's connecting by bluetooth You’ll get a tick on the screen and a smile on your face. If you get a cross (and a frown) there are some things you can check. Make sure that the light flashing on the headset didn’t stop while the Doro was searching: switch the headset off and on again, holding the button to get the light flashing.

Success- the Dororo 6520 is connected to the headsetIt may be that the headset is already paired with another phone nearby. Effectively it’s already dancing with someone else. If this is the case switch the other phone off and get the light flashing again. Then go back to “Search device” and get the phone to look again, select the headset and try again.

Once it’s all done you’ll be able to make and receive calls using the bluetooth headset. If you receive a call when you are not wearing the headset, but it’s nearby and connected by Bluetooth you won’t be able to hear the person calling you on the Doro 6520 speaker. When you are in the call you can choose the Options button on the left and use the Switch audio function but in practice it’s just easier to switch off the headset.

You’ll know it’s all working when the icons on the top of the screen look like this.

When you have bluetooth connected you'll have a couple of extra icons on the screen

The volume controls on both the phone and the headset work, and you can happily natter away.  You might want to discuss Bluetooth being named after the Danish king, Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson, the grandfather of the King Canute who famously proved his mortality by failing to command the incoming tide.


Simon Rockman