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So, it’s not just us3 Apr 2017

This sign on a bus stop vents anger at nuisance calls

Fuss Free Phones created it’s No Nuisance Call service to help customers feel more confident using a mobile phone.

We knew that the big button mobile phones we sell are easy to use, easy to see and easy to hear, but we also know that many people find nuisance calls intimidating. And if we want customers us use their Fuss Free Phone regularly they need to keep it on and keep it with them.

Solving the nuisance call problem was part of our overall package of mobile phones for seniors. But it is clear nuisance calls have become  a plague, and this is demonstrated by a leaflet sellotaped to a bus stop not far from the Fuss Free Phones office in Old Street. Maybe a little more punctuation would have helped and learning how to spell “bane” would have given it more credibility but the low production values and extensive use of capital letters add a certain dynamic which chimes well with the message. At least we’ve been saved the over-use of exclamation marks.

We hate nuisance calls but it’s good to know that it’s not just us.

Simon Rockman