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So, it’s not just us (2)4 Apr 2017

GoGoGrandparent's webpage

Fuss Free Phones uses humans as the killer app. Our friendly telephonists bridge the technology gap by helping callers out on the phone.

It seems that we are not the only company to have thought of this. The California based  GoGoGrandparent lets people without smartphones use on-demand services like Uber.  Much like the Fuss Free Phones telephonist the company uses real people to answer the phone and provide a service.

The difference however is that while Fuss Free phones makes using a mobile phone simple, GoGoGrandparent makes Uber easy.

When the customer calls GoGoGrandparent the telephonist books an Uber for the customer. For regular journeys there is an automated system, and while this goes against Fuss Free phones philosphy (we don’t have any automated systems) we can appreciate that it’s right for plenty of people as they can have an Uber by just pressing 1 and the GoGoGrandparent system knows where they live or where they have just traveled to.

While Fuss Free Phones is for people who find all mobile phones too, well, fussy, GoGoGrandparent is more for people who find smartphones overly complex.

But there is a lot of similarity between the motivations of the two companies.


Simon Rockman