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Nuisance calls are the most irritating thing about everyday life.8 Apr 2017


In a survey of over 2,000 people, 77 per cent said nuisance calls about injury claims or PPI compensation was the most annoying feature of life in twenty-first century Britain, Tandem Bank said.

In the list of the top 25 things Brits find annoying about everyday life, Fuss Free Phones helps with not just the number one issue of Nuisance calls, but the number two of being kept on hold, the numbers four and five of “unexpected fees and charging” and of “unclear pricing and misleading offers.

Fuss Free Phones also doesn’t do the ninth most complained about thing – offering better deals to new customers than to existing ones. We’ve just upgraded all existing customers to the new offer of 500 minutes a month. And all our telephonists are super-polite so we can’t be accused of the number eleven item, lack of basic manners.

Reading the Tandem bank survey sounds like a recipe for Fuss Free Phones indeed the only thing we can’t help with in the top five complaints is inconsiderate dog owners who fail to clean up dog mess. Our boffins are thinking about that one.