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How to fit a SIM card in a Doro 65202 Feb 2017

Fuss Free Phones sells its service and easy to use big button Doro handsets on Amazon. One of the many services Amazon offers is for customers to ask questions which are emailed to all the merchants selling a product.

This is a Micro SIM not a Full sized one
Here at Fuss Free Phones we like to be helpful, so when someone asked “How do I fit a SIM card into a Doro 6250”, I wrote an answer. Perhaps there is such a thing as being too detailed in an answer.

The 6250 takes a micro sim. Sim cards come in four sizes. Standard, Mini, Micro and Nano. The Standard is the full size of a credit card and no phone has been made which uses that for over a decade. Many people don’t even realise that phones took them. The Mini is what most people think of as a SIM card, about 2.5cm long and 1.5cm deep. The micro, used in lots of more modern phones is a fair bit smaller and the nano is even smaller than that. Nano was invented for phones like iPhones which have so much crammed inside them every millimetre is valuable. That’s not true of the 6520 indeed one of the things which makes the phone good is that it has plenty of space inside so the designers don’t have to compromise on the size of the speaker or how they route the internal antennas. You’ll find a £100 Doro works better than a £700 smartphone.

To put the SIM card in the Doro 6520 you’ll need to either get the right sized card from your network or you might find that you have a “standard” SIM card where you can push out one of the four sizes as they are stacked inside one another like a Matryoshka doll. You’ll probably push out too many but you can then fit the nano bit back inside the mini bit. Then open the back of the Doro 6250, as you look at the phone from the back you’ll see in the bottom left there is a little indent you can get your thumbnail under. Pull the back right off and if the battery is in place you’ll see that at the top of the battery – above the barcode there is another indent. Use this to lift the battery out. In the top left hand corner of the space is a slot with a metal bar. Slide the SIM card under thel bar with the metal contacts on the sim card facing down and the cut out corner on the bottom left. There is a tiny ramp shape to make this easier. Ignore the area with the contacts on the right hand side that’s designed for a memory card. Then put the battery back in (it only fits the correct way around), clip the back on and bobs your uncle.

Alternatively you could buy your Doro 6250 from Fuss Free Phones and it comes with the SIM card already in place, giving you the first month’s usage of our unique telephonist service free. There is a reason I understand all this on SIM cards I’ve put them into many thousands of phones.

There is a plan to do away with SIM cards, some devices already come with an “embedded” SIM which is effectively a SIM card glued in place. It’s used mainly for things like connected gas meters and in cars. The next stage is the “virtual” SIM where the SIM will be a chip inside the phone and you’ll be able to download a new operator. Again this is being championed by the big smartphone manufacturers, claiming that it save space. Others think they want to have power over the operators.

Simon Rockman