Girl looking at the RNIB first month free offer
Customers who buy a Doro 612 and the Fuss Free Phones service from the RNIB will get the first month of service free.

Fuss Free Phones has always offered a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, but the RNIB takes this a step further, customers who take up the offer will pay nothing for their first month of service with no obligation to continue.
The offer runs from the beginning of November up to the end of the year. Visually impaired people and those buying the service for people with visual impairment qualify for zero rated VAT.
This means a Doro 612 with one month’s Fuss Free Phones service for £66.67 or with a whole year for £230.75, and each month after the initial term will only cost £16.67.

Fuss Free Phones developed it’s special texting service, where we will call customers and read out text messages, especially for the RNIB and through our meetings with the RNIB and other blind users we are developing more services for the visually impaired.

One service which found favour with blind users at the recent Sight Village event is the Landline Trusted Callers list. This technology allows Fuss Free Phones customers to add a Landline to the Fuss Free Phones system. If they then call the call centre from that Landline it’s recognised as ebing the same person with a Fuss Free Mobile and the right Trusted Callers List is shown to the telephonist who can route a call, send a text or look up something on the internet. There is no additional charged for this because at Fuss Free Phones, “Free” is our middle name.

Catherine Keynes