RNIB web pageFuss Free Phones has become the first mobile phone service to be recommended by the RNIB. The service is now available through the RNIB website and by calling the RNIB.

Every day, 100 people in the UK start to lose their sight.  It’s a scary statistic, but it’s even more frightening for the people involved. The RNIB does an amazing job of supporting people with sight lost and looks to particularly help and reassure those who are newly blind.

The support the RNIB offers comes in the form of not just help and advice for the visually impaired and their carers, it also sells a wide range of products. Fuss Free Phones is the first service the organisation has offered to the people it helps.

The RNIB and Fuss Free Phones have been working together for the past year to make sure the service is right for visually impaired customers. This has included providing audio instructions and braille copies of the documentation. One of the major innovations Fuss Free Phones has introduced is it’s “Text messaging for the blind”.  Customers can send a text message by pressing the button on the back of the phone, speaking to a friendly telephonist and asking them to send a text. This has long been a Fuss Free Phones service, however the technology Fuss Free Phones has developed especially for RNIB customers is the ability to receive incoming texts by having them read out by a telephonist.

The customer can opt to have incoming messages sent to the handset in the normal manner, or to a telephonist, or both. If the incoming text is received by the Fuss Free Phones call centre a telephonist will phone the customer and read out the text. The customer can then ask the telephonist to type a reply and wait for a response.

The service is free as part of the £20 Fuss Free Phones monthly package. Customers get unlimited texts and 600 minutes of call time. The new service is available now, to all Fuss Free Phones customers, not just those who have bought the service through the RNIB.

Along with No-nuisance calls, the Texting for the blind, is one of an on-going programme of worlds’ firsts being developed by Fuss Free Phones with its technology partners.

You can find out more about the Fuss Free Phones Service from the RNIB here.