Vodafone has today announced that it will allow customers to cancel a new contract within 30 days and receive a full refund. Here at Fuss Free Phones we are a little surprised that they think this is so special. We’ve been doing exactly the same thing since we started.


Fuss Free Phones understands that sometimes people need a little more time. Customers might want a friend or relative to come round and help them with their new phone. Indeed research at Loughborough University  found that having someone over for tea, biscuits and to get a new phone going is a fun thing to do.


We also feel that our pride has been a little dented.  Vodafone says “We’re the only network that lets you try us out – our Vodafone 30-Day Network Guarantee gives you the freedom to experience the strength and quality of our network before you commit.”.

Hey! What about us, we are a mobile network too. And there is another thing missing: service isn’t just about mobile network coverage. It’s about how well the whole service works. Fuss Free Phones uses the O2 network which has 95% coverage of the UK population and while the mobile networks all give statistics from surveys measured in different ways to show that they are the best, the truth is that in some places one network will be better than others and in others they share tower sites so they are all exactly the same. No network is uniformly better than another but that doesn’t matter. What matters is how well it works for you. Both Fuss Free Phones and Vodafone offering 30 days is a good way to test this. But it’s also important to understand that the handset plays a big part in how well the service works.


Fuss Free Phones uses Doro phones which because they are not smartphones have more space inside for the antenna, power amplifier and other radio parts. This means that even if the signal isn’t as strong a Doro phone might well out-perform an Apple or Android phone. The Vodafone Guarantee doesn’t explain this.


And even beyond the coverage there is an aspect of service which is completely missing: what it’s like when you have a problem and call for help. Vodafone will greet you with a message saying “please enter your mobile number so that we can direct you to the right department”. Fuss Free Phones puts you straight through to a person who sees your number on the screen of their phone. We answer 80% of calls within 20 seconds. Most calls are answered immediately. There were more complaints to Ofcom about Vodafone in last three months of 2015 than TOTAL for all other major mobile providers combined.

So yes, matching Fuss Free Phones’ 30 Days is a nice try but you will have to go some to beat our service.