If you’ve been to the Fuss Free Phones website before you’ll have noticed a change. The new design goes hand in hand with a change of emphasis. While before Fuss Free Phones concentrated on selling mobile phone handsets for people who struggle with technology and mobile phones the new site concentrates on a combination of service and handset.

new ffp site

It’s something we’ve been working on for a very long time, and comes from the genesis of Fuss Free Phones. I’ve been a phone geek for years, I founded What Mobile magazine in 1992, and have worked for Motorola and Sony Ericsson. However much I like the latest technology I have always understood that plenty of people find it confusing. Indeed everyone I’ve talked to understands this. When I was first looking at the problem 15 years ago, and suggested easy to use mobile phones, people would say to me “That’s just the thing for my Grandmother”. Today they say “That’s just the thing for my mother.” The only thing that has changes is that I have got older.

In 2009 I looked at the large number of mobile phone companies which were offering products and services for seniors and realised that they didn’t really know each other.

This led to me setting up a conference on mobile phones for seniors. We had lots of inspiring speakers, but one I remember best of all was Arlene Harris of the US mobile phone network Jitterbug. Arlene has been in the mobile industry since long before cellular – since the 1950s when as a young girl she worked for her parents wireless business. Jitterbug is a service aimed at older people and Arlene said that it’s not about the handset or the service but about both.

From this Fuss Free Phones was born. In March 2011 I went to visit Bazile Telecom in France and could see how they had got Arlene’s model of handset and service completely right. With their inspirational support I’ve set up Fuss Free Phones. You can read about it on the rest of this site.

Simon Rockman