There isn't really a suitable picture for this story so here is a picture of the hotel where the conference is taking place


While Fuss Free Phones likes to concentrate on ageing rather than disabilities, it’s a fact of life that all our faculties start to fade, and one of the chief ones is eyesight. A principal of inclusive design is that if you make things for people who struggle with seeing, hearing, understanding and using technology you make things that are better for everyone. A conference  at the Grosvenor Hotel, organised by the Royal London Society for Blind People, will look at inclusive design. It’s not particularly about phones but a lot of people who read this blog look at the whole space of making things better and easier to use.

The conference is in the afternoon of Friday November 30th, and you can find more details here

 The World is Growing Older

Clyde Haberman  from the New York Times, has looked at the demographics of the ageing population, he makes the usual mistake of lumping everyone over 60 together – that’s like classing 10 to 35 year olds as being the same market  – but makes some interesting points about how the world is growing older. I must thank Dr Allison Hermann who is a cognitive scientist in New York for pointing me at this. You can read the article here.


Simon Rockman