A chatty man loves the Doro 615

A chatty man loves the Doro 615

Orange in Israel has launched a ‘Gold’ service exclusively for older consumers. You have to show that you are over 65 to be allowed to sign up for it. The service uses the easy to use  Doro 615 mobile phone programmed with a number to contact a central station which is manned 24 hours a day including Saturdays and holidays.
In addition to calling the Central station it uses the phones’ standard feature to send a text to up to five pre-programmed numbers. The phone is automatically put into speaker mode. The 615 is the only widely available 3G phone with big buttons, a clear screen and is easy to use.
Orange has produced a set of amusing chatty videos, unfortunately for British readers in Hebrew.

In the videos the presenter talks about how his uncle has problems using an iPhone and wets his finger to turn the pages. He sings the praises of the Doro for not having a screen lock and for not whistling when you use it with a hearing aid.

As part of the service Orange will send someone to the customers house to teach them how to use the phone.

The phone is sold on a three year contract at 38 shekels a month – about £6 – interestingly the same amount as the Smartone service in Hong Kong . This comes with 120 minutes a month, with additional minutes costing around 4p a minute.
The Gold service has been hugely successful and has led to the Doro 615 being one of the best selling phones in Israel.

Unfortunately this success does not mean that Orange will automatically spread the service across other territories: Orange Israel is a separate company, and just licences the right to use the name.