The Emporia Elegance Fuss free Phone

The Emporia Elegance is not easily available in the UK but the Vodafone RL1 has many similar features.

I’ve long admired the work Ian Hosking has done on understanding how older people use mobile phones. Emporia telecom recently thanked me for introducing them to Ian and his work is helping to shape the next generation of Emporia phones. In this video from Mobile Industry Review, Ian looks at very specific problems – he’s fond of the phrase “the devils is in the detail”.

In the sixth video he looks at how the Emporia Elegance handset reflects understanding of how users interact with phones. Many of these features would be good on any phone not just and easy to use one and that’s a basic tenet of inclusive design. The Elegance was actually specified before the University of Cambridge became involved with Emporia but includes features that will prove crucial in future problems which allow the family to help the user get more out of the phone and maintain independence.

Easy to use mobile

Simon Rockman