The new Orange senior phones sells for €39

A new “Essentials Orange” category has been created by Orange in Spain to cater for the older user. This includes the Doro 410, with which Orange has been very successful and a new phone from ZTE. This is called the ZTE S202. This has been widely available around the world and is a very basic senior mobile in that it has just big buttons and an emergency button on the back. There is no hearing aid support, desktop charger  or speaking clock function.

The mobile phone chip manufacturer MediaTek publishes designs for how to use its chips in phones, know as reference platforms, and the ZTE 202 looks very much like other Chinese built phones built to the MediaTek specification. It’s not particularly elegant.

It’s a shame that Orange didn’t use ZTE’s more interesting senior phone the Easy Touch Discovery 3 which it makes for Telstra in Australia. The Discovery 3 is a much more elegant, clamshell design which has had a lot more thought into the form and functions.

Still it’s good to see Orange taking the category seriously, and perhaps it’s not surprising that this has happened in Spain where there is a good sense of family and Vodafone Simply was very successful.

The ZTE phone sold by Telstra is more advanced but more expensive