The Koenigsegg CC is one of the fastest cars ever built using a turbocharged V8One of the top design agencies is Ergonomidesign, which has worked on the  BabyBjörn baby sling, the incredible Koenigsegg CC supercar and the very clever airline teapot. They are also responsible for the design of Doro mobile phones. This video was produced as the Doro 410 was selected for a design award. In it they talk about how the need to use a high contrast design became part of the Doro brand.

Can you spot the non-Doro phone in the video? It’s Sony Ericsson P1, perhaps the most under-rated smartphone ever. The focus groups took place in Sweden and as Doro is based in the small town of Lund, home to Sony Ericsson it’s quite likely the person in the focus group knew someone who worked there.