Emporia 3G clam

Emporia will launch a 3G clamshell phone at Mobile World Congress.

The big trade fair of the year for the mobile industry takes place in Barcelona this week and I expect to see lots of phones for seniors. That’s not because there is a trend this way but because Mobile World Congress (MWC) has everything. It’s a huge event and of course I’ll be looking out for the news. I’ll try to post as much as I can when it happens but as I’ll be covering the event for The Register I might not have much easy to use blogging time.

This is being written before the show but what we know will be there is a 3G phone from Emporia – as that’s shown on their invitation and there will be an easy to use Android device from Doro. I had a sneak peak at it a couple of months ago but Monday will be the first chance I get to have a good look.

Meanwhile you might like to check out a series of Interviews with Emporia which is running on Mobile Industry Review. This is a great source of news and the general mobile vibe, produced by Ewan MacLeod. He’s felt the pain of the lack of appropriate, easy to use technology as a parent and grandson, wanting to send pictures of his son to his grandmother. Something he spoke about to great effect at Senior Market Mobile 2010.

You can find out more about his time with Emporia here. Or watch his video below.