The mobile technology training company and venue Skills Matter is to host the Royal National Institute for the Blind Hackathon on February 11th.

Skills matter teaches people how to develop web and mobile technologies and is based in the heart of Silicon City near Old Street roundabout.

The event starts on Saturday morning with an introduction to the requirements of people with impaired vision and leads on to a design and programming session where individuals and teams work through the night to produce apps which help solve and identifiable problem. Marathon programming sessions are the stuff of legend, in the 1980s and early 1990s games software houses would consider having a bedroom as an essential accoutrement so that coders could nip off for a couple of hours sleep after pulling all-nighters. The term hackathon comes from this kind of coding also known as hacking and has nothing to do with breaking into peoples voicemail or email. although no-doubt those people do do that kind of intruding do also code through the night to do it. Another use of the term ‘hack’ means to ‘be good at” as in “I hack mathematics”.

If all this is second nature to you and you want to spend a weekend producing code that will make life better for those less fortunate than you, please sign up at the London Android group meetup page.

You don’t have to use Android to do this, the aim is to help the RNIB and it’s not a single operating system event. You are equally welcome to produce applications in java, iOS, Windows Mobile, HTML5, Flash or whatever takes your fancy.