Is voice recognition the right technology for easy to use phones?

People often suggest Siri might be the holy grail of easy to use phones, but the history of voice recognition is littered with similar false-starts.

Big Buttons are where the similarity ends for the oldest and youngest users

Kids are much more tech savvy than older people so why do those of us in the middle constantly lump the two of together?

Nokia and I are getting divorced…

Gus Desbarats, Chairman of design agency  TheAlloy  Nokia was a huge Nokia fan, but with his C3 that may have come to an end.

Vodafone Looks beyond big button mobiles for easy to use phones

Announcing the finalist in the Vodafone accessibility awards

Why you should buy your Nan a big button mobile phone she doesn’t want

The most read blog post on the Senior market Mobile website.

Doro TV advert

The Doro 410 is an easy to use phone, but what’s the point of that if no-one knows about it? This is the problem redressed by Doro advertising it

Easy to use mobiles top 20m – In Japan

Fujitsu has announced  that cumulative unit sales of NTT DoCoMo’s Raku-Raku Phone series handsets reached 20 million units since September 2001

Looking for 65 year old (technology) virgins.

Carolyn Wilson at the University of Durham is running a PhD project on Social Marketing and is looking to recruit participants into her study.

Winners: the Vodafone Smart Accessibility Awards

Four lucky developers waltz off with a cheque for €50,000 each

Does a Big Button Mobile Phone need you to know things you don’t know you know?

How obvious are the things you think of as obvious?

Easy to see mobile phones

Improvements in screen technology make phones better for everyone but they can be very slow to reach the market

Big Button Phones: the Panasonic KX-TG6592 cordless

Cordless phones with an emergency button, improved audio and which are easy to see are available.

Is opening a new easy to use mobile phone something to be scared of?

Geeks love getting a shiny new phone, but can ordinary people find similar pleasure in opening the box?

The best tariff to use with Big button Mobile Phones

Is Simply the best?

Stylish big button phone isn’t as simple as it looks

Sometimes less is, less. Making the Johns phone simple has come at a price

Making ‘Droid* Easy to use mobile phones

The RNIB and the London Android Group have joined forces to build the best phones for people with sight problems

Emporia to launch its easy to use big button mobile phones in the US at CES

The Emporia Click is taking on the States