Kevin McDonagh runs the London Android Group and is organising the Official RNIB Accessibility Hackathon!

One of the themes of the Senior Market Mobile conference I organise has been how to make touch screen phones accessible. It’s great to see this happening in a pro-active way by the mobile phone industry. Vodafone has championed it with the Vodafone Smart Accessibility Awards and now there is to be a Hackathon, organised by the London Android Group and the Royal National Institute for the Blind.  the aim is to build, overnight, applications which make life easier for visually impaired users. It will start at 9:00am on a Saturday and finish at 1:00pm on a Sunday – probably February 11th although the date and venue are still the subject of negotiation.

There will be some experts from the RNIB and some sight impaired users on hand to give an insight into real-life experiences for visually impaired users. There will be tutoring on what works both for the consumer and how to use relevant APIs. Food, and presumably copious amounts of caffeine-laced drinks will be on hand.

For more details – particularly if you want to participate or sponsor an element of the event – are available at the London Android Meet-up site, or mail me through the Fuss Free Phones contact page and I’ll pass your details to Kevin McDonagh who is organising the event, or you can contact him through his website.

Simon Rockman

*Not just Android, other mobile OS hackers will be welcome.