Fujitsu's mova F671i

Fujitsu's mova F671i was the First Raku Raku phone, today there is a range of devices including Symbian smartphones and they are all easy to use.

Fujitsu has announced ¬†that cumulative unit sales of NTT DoCoMo’s Raku-Raku¬†Phone series handsets, manufactured by Fujitsu, are expected to reach a milestone figure of 20 million units since the debut of Fujitsu’s mova F671i in September 2001, in Japan.

To commemorate this milestone, Fujitsu is holding an e-mail contest for current Raku-Raku Phone series users, looking for submissions of e-mails with photo attachments or deco-mail messages made using their mobile phones. E-mails on topics such as travel memories or episodes from family life will be accepted. All submissions will be uploaded onto “Raku-Raku Explore Japan,” a website that is popular among active senior citizens and features content relating to food and travel. The winning submissions will be selected by Japanese actress, Shinobu Otake, and actor, Takuro Tatsumi.

In addition, Fujitsu is launching a special promotional campaign for a select number of Raku-Raku Phone series users who are interested in smartphones. For a specific period of time, selected series users will be able to use Fujitsu’s latest smartphone model, F-12C, in exchange with providing feedback on the smartphone’s features and ease of operation. Fujitsu is looking to incorporate these comments in design improvements to future smartphone models to develop products that appeal to users even more.


Simon Rockman