A quick overview of the postings from the last couple of weeks.


November 15th

What happens when you press the emergency button on a Big Button Phone

What happens when you call for help on a Big Button Mobile phone

We look at the Geemarc CL84100, Beafon S700 and Doro 410 to see how different phones handle calls being intercepted by voicemail



November 10th

The Emporia RL1 charger

Big Button Phones are no use if they are flat

There are things manufacturers can do to improve battery life but a good charging regime might be more important.



November 8th

Comfort 300

What are little phones made of

There is more to phones than plastic. What if a phone used wood or leather?


November 7th

Adrian talks about SimplyVodafone Simply: An operators big button mobile phone

Most people think of Simply as a senior phone and as a failure. It was neither, Adrian Burholt who ran the project talked about the APU audience and how it was a success he hopes other will build on.

November 6th

Wideband Adaptive Multi Rate is also known as AMR-WB

Understanding better Audio

The hard of hearing need phones with better, clearer audio, not just louder phones. There are several ways to do this but the most exciting is AMR-WB.

November 5th

Telstra's Discovery 2

The best smartphone phone for seniors

A constantly asked question is “What’s the best smartphone for my gran”. Unfortunately there is no clear answer.



November 4th

Big Button Slider

Is a slider a good big button phone?

One of the best established slider phones is the Emporia Lifephone. Does it demonstrate that a slider is the best shape for a big button mobile phone. And what of the more exotic form factors?



November 3rd

Emporia's first clamshell is the Click

Clamshells are the best big button mobile phones

Fuss Free Phones like clams, be it the Doro 410, Doro 610 or Geemarc CL8400, while we ask the question about sliders and bars, the answer is a clam.


November 2nd

A phone walks into a bar

The bar is the staple shape for mobile phones. Does that make it the best option for a big button mobile? It certainly has some advantages but are they plentiful just because they are cheap
November 1st

The shape of things to ring

Why do all phones today look like an iPhone or a Blackberry. What happened to the innovation in phone design and can big button mobile phones restore the spark?